Accueil Actualités Agritech Expo Zambia à Chisamba | 27 au 29 avril 2017


Agritech Expo Zambia à Chisamba | 27 au 29 avril 2017

Le mercredi 22 mars 2017
L'Adepta organise le premier Pavillon FRANCE sur ce salon. Cet événement agroalimentaire le plus important de la région réunit les professionnels des secteurs de l'irrigation, du machinisme, de l'élevage et de la transformation à la ferme. 6 entreprises ont répondu présent pour ce salon professionnel en plein air.

Agritech Expo a interviewé Aude ROELLY, Chargée de dévelopement de la zone Afrique Subsaharienne.

« Exclusive interview with Aude Roelly, Sub-Saharan Africa Area Manager at ADEPTA, organisers of the French pavilion at the upcoming Agritech Expo Zambia in Chisamba in April. »

1) Welcome to Agritech Expo! We are thrilled to have you on board. Why the decision to partner with us?
And we are thrilled to be part of this adventure! I represent ADEPTA, a business club made up of 240 French companies, all providers of equipment, input and know-how for the agriculture, livestock and food production sectors. We made the choice to participate in this expo because after visiting the 2016 edition, it was obvious to us that there is a lot of business to do in Zambia for the members ADEPTA and that Agritech is the platform to meet with the agricultural sector of Zambia.

Our French companies have serious expertise in these sectors as we are the top European producer in terms of value and coverage – a fact that is mostly unknown to Zambian farmers! French equipment providers have contributed to that success providing the sector with innovations and adapted technical solutions. We want to start exchanging with Zambian companies and farmers, and in this way, be part of their success.

2) What products or projects will the French pavilion display at Agritech Expo Zambia this year?
This is our first participation and we come with a sample of what ADEPTA is about: …

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