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For more than 30 years, Afrique Agriculture, remains the reference for french speaking agricultural industry in Africa.

Afrique Agriculture is published by the second specialized french press group. This bimonthly magazine follows the agricultural news in the french-speaking Africa.

Afrique Agriculture is written by the editor in chief in collaboration with 15 journalists highly involved in their agricultural domestic industry. Experts’ opinions complete the magazine content.

Afrique Agriculture is a partner, or present, at each big agricultural events in France and in Africa :

  • DAWAJINE in Casablanca
  • DJAZAGRO in Alger
  • PAMED in Tunis
  • PROMOTE in Yaoundé
  • Siagri in Bamako
  • Siagro in Dakar
  • SIAM in Meknès
  • SIFEL in Agadir
  • SIPSA in Alger
  • SPACE in Rennes
  • Veterinary, seed congresses...

Ours readers are :

Project managers, farmers, agro-industry, stakeholders..., farmers co-op, NGO, Researchers of development centers,

schools, universities, private veterinaries, Financial organizations

Present in equipments :   Etudes & Conseil