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Applic’Etains, world leader in personalized self-adhesive pewter labels for your luxury packaging.

La Maladrerie Ouest

24300 Nontron


Phone: 05 53 56 90 98



APPLIC’ETAINS’ vast experience in the creation of pewter adhesive labels has conrmed its position as world leader. The easy way to decorate, personalize and enhance your products making them stand out from paper labels.
Pewter o’ers an array of advantages such as its aestheticism, sheen, relief, an exceptional image and optimal ease of use.
By choosing APPLIC’ETAINS, you benet from the expertise of a Master-Craftsman, unique industrial manufacturing methods and resources and the experience of a supplier whose organisation is ocused on ”made to measure”, guaranteeing you an evolutionary product which corresponds perfectly to your requirements.