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CIDAPE is the dealer for Petersime’s hatchery equipment in France and French speaking Africa

191, rue Belliard

75018 PARIS


Phone: (0)1 44 85 25 25

Fax: (0)1 42 28 25 50


For the fourth generation, CIDAPE is distributing incubators and hatchery equipment. In 1964, CIDAPE became the exclusive distributor of Petersime NV incubators in France and francophone Africa.
In sub-Saharan Africa, CIDAPE realized 10 hatcheries in Cameroun, 10 in Ivory Coast, 12 in Senegal, 1 in Congo and 1 in GABON (SIAB/SMAG).
Petersime is the world leading developer and supplier of setters, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries. It has a R&D department and partners with several universities.
Machines are for chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. Capacities range from 16,800 to 115,200 chicken eggs.