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ADEPTA: an operational bridge between institutions and the private sector

Since its establishment in 1977, ADEPTA has been supported by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry and nurtures close links with this institution.

Our non-profit association acts as a bridge between public action and the French private sector as soon as the latter is contacted in the context of an international project.

ADEPTA also intervenes on major cooperation topics such as the structuring of production chains or agricultural education, as well as within the frame of developing exchanges between France and its trading partners.

Therefore, ADEPTA is in charge of welcoming foreign delegations to French territory and organizing both institutional and business meetings, as well as visits of production units.

With its expertise, ADEPTA also contributes to the implementation of technical cooperation and solidarity programs led by institutional partners and intermediary organisations.

Other services offered by ADEPTA

Linking private operators
ADEPTA helps you get in touch with all the French companies that are able to contribute to your project.
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Response to tendering for complete production units
ADEPTA organises the establishment of complete offers for the building or renovation of farm units and agri-food production facilities.
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Technological development monitoring
ADEPTA gives you access to the latest advances in agri-business technologies by sharing the expertise of its 242 members.
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