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Our members combine their expertise to supply you with customised solutions

One of the main strengths of ADEPTA is our organisation in sector groups, in which our members combine to build a global offer tailored to each investor’s technical and financial needs.

By bringing together their expertise and sharing their best practices, ADEPTA’s members can offer 100% French-made custom-built solutions to respond to your building or refurbishment projects of:

Our members can also offer you a full range of engineering and design services for turn-key projects, which include project management assistance, training and technical assistance.

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Other services offered by ADEPTA

Linking private operators
ADEPTA helps you get in touch with all the French companies that are able to contribute to your project.
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Technological development monitoring
ADEPTA gives you access to the latest advances in agri-business technologies by sharing the expertise of its 242 members.
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Institutional support
ADEPTA acts as a bridge between the private and public sectors for the development of agricultural cooperation and exchanges between France and its trading partners.
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