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Process Engineering and Integrator for the dairy, food, baby-food and beverage industries

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Based on 25 years of experience in these food processing fields Boccard design ans realize function modules and turnkey installations all over the world. Process design and studies. Function skids. Process tanks. Big capacity tanks. Installation and site assembly. Automation. Commissioning / training. Maintenance. For new lines and revamping Boccard offers strong commitments for performances, quality and delivery time.
From raw material reception area to filling machines Boccard brings you the best solutions for your process lines: storage / process vessels and cookers. Deaerator. Dosing and injection systems / DOSEA. Pasteurization, sterilization, fermentation, and mixing systems. CIP equipment and CIP Optimization solutions for cost savings…
Boccard assists you in all or part of your project’s lifecycle, with the permanent objective of optimising investment and maintenance costs. With 3,000 employees in 31 countries and 54 Business Units, Boccard offers a close-at-hand service in order to guarantee reactivity, efficiency and quality.