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Industrial water coolers

Z.I. Le Cormier

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The manufacture of industrial water coolers for iced water in food industries and for cooling processes: • 1°C iced water for kneading dough in bakeries, washing salads and cooling products through immersion • ice bank tanks for cooling processes • units for producing glycol water: cooling various exchangers, cooling jackets for tanks and mixers, pots • cooling autoclaves, sterilisers, vacuum pumps and blister pack machines • recycling water in closed circuits, saving water • installation of water-cooling towers and air refrigerating machines • manufacture of water dosing machines – climatic chambers, laboratory refrigerators, freezers at –80°C.
Water coolers with refrigeration power of 1 to 900 KW
Ice bank tanks from 300 to 5,000 kg.
Water cooling towers from 200 to 10,000 KW.
Water dosing machines for output of 1 to 999 litres.